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Wendy Dusenbury, PhD, DNP, AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC, ANVP-BC is a distinguished nursing professional, founder of The Extraordinary Nurse, and well-respected stroke nurse practitioner. With an academic journey spanning the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the University of Alabama-Birmingham, she has gracefully transitioned between patient care, teaching and research.

Her career has included clinical roles at institutions like the University of Tennessee Clinical Health and Via Christi Hospitals, and academic positions at Wichita State University and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine. As an Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner, she's contributed extensively to the field of stroke management and education.

In addition to her direct work, Dr. Dusenbury is a member of various nursing organizations and gives generously of her time to volunteer organizations such as the Association of Neurovascular Clinicians and the American Heart Association. Her stroke research has been widely published, shaping clinical practice.

Away from her professional life, Wendy treasures her personal life with Ken, her husband of 27 years, their three sons, and a sheep-a-doodle named Maggie. Her hobbies include spending time with loved ones and traveling. This balance of personal and professional devotion truly makes her an extraordinary nurse.



Introducing Brittany, an accomplished Social Media Manager at The Extraordinary Nurse. Skilled in creating engaging content, she drives the organization's social media presence and strategy. On the personal front, she is happily married to Blake for five years, cherishes motherhood to her near 3-year-old son, Dane, and takes pride in being a pet parent to their three animals.

Brittany has a commendable decade-long career in academia and is currently imparting knowledge in Health, Physical Education, and Sports Medicine at Andover High School. She displays an innate passion for teaching, effectively shaping the future of young individuals under her guidance.

Moreover, Brittany invests her time in an array of hobbies that not only foster her creativity but also further her professional skill set. This includes creating unique projects with her Cricut, pursuing various crafting projects, and practicing the art of calligraphy. A self-proclaimed baking enthusiast, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes. Fitness is an integral part of her lifestyle, with a commitment to regular exercise.

Proficient in digital art, Brittany's expertise extends to working and creating with diverse forms of digital media. Her eclectic interests and professional endeavors make her a versatile individual with a strong inclination for continuous learning and development.

Traci Howell

Project Manager

Traci Howell, Project Manager at The Extraordinary Nurse, seamlessly executes multifaceted initiatives by leveraging her expertise in project management, marketing, and writing. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, she ensures successful project delivery and effective integration of marketing strategies.

On the personal front, happily married for fifteen years and a devoted mom to her near 4-year-old son and two Labrador retrievers, Traci enjoys writing YA fiction, outdoor activities, and the quest for the perfect pizza slice.

Traci's academic journey, driven by her love for writing, led her to a Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis on Literature and a Master's degree in Creative Writing. In her professional realm, she combines creativity and marketing expertise to assist businesses in optimizing visibility, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Beyond work, Traci's literary portfolio includes two poetry books, two children's books, a short story, a novella, and two young adult novels, showcasing her versatility in storytelling. Her diverse interests extend to crafting antique memory books, quilts, and embroidery. Through Fur Paws Boutique, her second business, Traci combines her love for animals and sewing, producing all-natural pet beds for toxin-free comfort.

As a rare INFJ-A personality type, Traci is known for her diligence and unwavering commitment to integrity. Constantly seeking ways to enhance marketing strategies, she embodies a spirit of continuous improvement and innovation.